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Our happy, little start-up family met at the hackathon #Hack4Girls that took place in Copenhagen in November 2017. This eye-opening 36-hour event was organized by UNFPA, Maternity Foundation, Atea Future Growth, Microsoft, Save the Children, Whywoman, Red Cross and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark to support refugee girls and women. The challenge was to come up with a tech-based solution to educate refugee girls and young women in Sub-Saharan Africa on sexual and reproductive health (SRHR). We quickly discovered that the need for an innovative solution is HUGE. Not only in Sub-Saharan Africa but also way beyond the African continent. At the time, we formed the start-up Titi Learning in a group of four co-founders. We decided to make a game because we all felt that learning must be fun! Our solution offers a fun, visual and simple gamified learning experience that ticks the various boxes set by the #Hack4Girls jury to ensure high-quality, viable and feasible solutions. Read more about #Hack4Girls right here!

Because of the great interest from the organizers of the event and various NGO’s, our game-team decided to use our passion for social development to continue developing our idea. A few weeks after #Hack4Girls, we enrolled in the Proof of Concept-program at Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship and started working on the first prototype of our app. Having already established contacts and good relations with organisations working in Kenya, we decided to choose this beautiful country as our destination for the initial user tests and customer feedback. What a journey that was! Sunny weather, giraffe kisses, warm sand, fields of zebras and last but not least - lots of welcoming, happy faces met us across Kenya while we were testing our game-levels on pregnancy and contraception. We received great, honest feedback from many male and female users from various backgrounds in both the rural areas and in the urban slum of Kenya. This made our team a lot wiser on how we can meet the needs of the youth in Africa. We are very, very thankful for Riziki Kenya, Periamma and Help Mission Development Services who welcomed our user tests into their classrooms - without you we would not be able to continue!

Beyond testing in Kenya, our team was invited to present our prototype and first results at the Techvelopment Roundtable organized by UN Women, Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Maternity Foundation. The event, held March 5th 2018 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, afforded us an amazing day of testing our app with Ethiopian girls from various backgrounds, co-creating content, visuals and ideas for other game-levels with the girls - and of course, gave us the amazing opportunity to present our work and participate in the roundtable discussion on how we can bring the techvelopment agenda into action. The Roundtable was hosted by the Embassy of Denmark in Ethiopia, UN Women, ITU, Yazmi and Maternity Foundation, and well attended by tech start-ups, NGO’s, Ethiopian government representatives and the African Union. Read more about this day on here.

From our experiences in Africa, we noticed how both boys and girls, as well as other social communities, can benefit largely from using our digital tools for empowerment. This brought Lulu Lab to life - an impact start-up founded by Sally, Felipe and Matilde. What makes us different from everyone else? With our app, the future of the user is in their hands!


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Sally Gregersen


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Felipe Fragoso


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Matilde Juul




We develop educational games on taboo topics to make it easier to speak out loud about even the difficult things.



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