The Dilemma game is offered as a Pilot, Standard or Scale solution.

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Game as monitoring and advocacy tool

The game is a digital monitoring and advocacy tool that allows you to customize your monitoring and evaluation efforts, get your questions answered from your target group, and learn more about users’ concerns, values, attitude and opinions on pre-selected topics. The digital game will give your target group a feeling of privacy and confidentiality, which allows for honest feedback, and your users will know that their answers will not be traced back to them.

Game as monitoring tool

  • A scalable, digital solution that enables you to measure status before starting a program, impact after running program, as well as monitoring during the program. 
  • Customize data points that fits into your own monitoring, evaluation and impact reporting to donors and partners.
  • More comparable and objective data.
  • Game data is up-to-date and provides an immediate response from your target group. This allows you to follow progress in your program at close range and make timely adjustments accordingly.
  • A monthly or annual report providing an overview of all data in a structured manner. Data is collected and presented in a report which is easy to share and communicate to your stakeholders.

Game as advocacy tool

  • Honest and immediate responses and feedback from your end-users.
  • Access unique information disclosed by a digital game which unveils the concerns of children and youth participating in your program.
  • Develop and plan advocacy initiatives with your partners by using updated and fresh information retrieved from your target group’s interaction with the game.
  • Discover new patterns of attitude and behaviour from which you can build your advocacy initiatives and plan your future programs.
  • Your target group will be equipped with knowledge and courage to address and discuss taboo topics with family, classmates and friends.
  • Groups (classes and youth clubs) are enabled and empowered to raise concerns at community level, and influence decision making processes.



We develop educational games on taboo topics to make it easier to speak about the difficult things.


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