We design educational games to make it easier to speak about the difficult things. Learning games motivate and engage users which increases their learning.

Using games as a teaching tool has proven to empower adolescents by giving them the confidence to speak more openly about taboo topics. Meanwhile, technology provides great opportunities to reach, educate and engage even more users on taboo topics, both online and offline. 


And as we all know, games today are as much about watching as it is about playing. This makes games a powerful channel to also reach and engage peers, parents and teachers in your local context. 

What we do!

We develop high-quality education through games, human-centered design and global partnerships.


We develop intuitive, relevant and age-appropriate education where users learn through interactive storytelling, minigames, quizzes and dialogues.

Our mission

We want to empower our users with knowledge and dialogue tools, to ensure that more healthy girls and boys finish their education. 


We want to eradicate taboos on Sexual Rights, Mental Health, Menstrual Hygiene and Reproductive Health by empowering our users to make informed decisions about their own future. 


We always involve our end-users through human-centered design methods, to ensure that our efforts match their needs and wants. We want to continuously empower our users with entrepreneurial, creative methods that they can also apply to e.g. start their own businesses.

Why our games? 

Lulu Lab's games are intuitive and based on visual learning and voice-overs, to embrace both the literate and illiterate users as well as those who are less familiar with tech and digital platforms.


They can be played on smartphones, tablets and computers, and they are accessible both online and offline.


They can be used as stand-alone educational tools, or incorporated into your already existing educational efforts.

Our Users

Lulu Lab's users enjoy playing in smaller groups why our games are not just games but also educational dialogue tools. As a dialogue tool, the games help to start and facilitate a dialogue on a taboo topic like Menstrual Hygiene in a classroom or after school club.



We develop educational games on taboo topics to make it easier to speak about the difficult things.


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