Target users

10-24-year-old girls and boys based in East Africa or West Africa

Learning outcomes

Chapter 1: Puberty

Playing the Puberty game-level, users will learn about puberty for both girls and boys. Users will learn about the female reproductive system with a specific focus on body development, the uterus, ovulation and menstruation. Users will also learn about puberty for boys, with a focus on body development, the male reproductive cell and the occurrence of wet dreams and changing voice.

Chapter 3: Sexual Rights

This game-level introduces users to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Users learn what children’s rights are and how this law protects all children. Users learn about private body parts and that is in every child’s right to say no. Through storytelling, users are introduced to ‘sugar daddies’ and ‘sugar mamas’ and users learn to reflect on whether free offerings come with(out) expectations.

Chapter 2: Pregnancy

This game-level teaches users about how a woman becomes pregnant and how a baby develops; from being a fertilized egg to being a baby ready for birth. Users will also learn about fatherhood and motherhood, and the responsibilities you have as a parent. This game-level also presents users with the consequences of teenage pregnancy, how teenage pregnancy can be fatal to girls and why parenthood is for adults, not children.

Chapter 4: STI’s and Contraceptives

Users are introduced to various STI’s and learn about symptoms, treatment methods and the risks that may come with carrying an STI. This game-level introduces users to Gonorrhea, HIV, Chlamydia, Herpes, Syphilis and Hepatitis B through stories shared by men and women. Users are also introduced to contraceptive methods and learn which methods are the safest protection against STI’s and pregnancy.

Implementation recommendations

The Dilemma game can be played individually, in a small group, in a youth club, girls/boys club or in a classroom setting. When played in groups, the Dilemma game works as a dialogue tool - empowering users with a language to discuss SRHR amongst each other, and a safe learning space where taboo topics become fun and normalized through games and storytelling.

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User tests and immediate results have shown how the Dilemma game engages users in learning about taboo topics and increases users knowledge on certain SRHR topics. Looking into behavioral change,  user tests have validated how the Dilemma game makes users reflect about their current behavior, and reconsider their future decisions - also outside the screen.

The Dilemma game will be rolled out with partners in various locations throughout 2020, and this page will be updated accordingly.


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