Q. What do I need to implement Lulu Lab games?

To implement our games, you need tech devices! We recommend using Android tablets. To download the game, you will also need an internet connection. Once downloaded and installed, the game can be played offline. See Implementation for more information.

Q. Which device should I have available?

The Dilemma game works best on tablets with the size 16:10. You can download the game for any Android tablet or smartphone. Once downloaded and installed, the game can be played offline.

Q. How do I install the dilemma game?

You can download the game on Google Play Store for any Android smartphone or tablet. When you are installing the game for the first time, it is important to give the game full access on your device for it to work properly.

Q. I have problems installing the game - who do I contact?

Contact Lulu Lab Support at support@lululab.org

Q. Can the game be played offline?

Yes, the Dilemma game can be played offline once it has been installed. You only need to be online to download and update the game.

Q. Which data is collected from the app?

While users are playing, the game collects anonymous information about their demography, current knowledge level and learning progress in each chapter of the game. The game does not collect any personal data such as name and location.

Q. Why does Lulu Lab collect data?

Lulu Lab is continuously improving and updating the app to ensure quality content and a great learning experience. Sometimes, anonymous data is collected from the app which helps Lulu Lab to understand the users' needs and how to further improve the app.

Q. Is the game available in several languages?

Yes, the game is available in English and in Krio (Sierra Leone) and we are currently looking to translate the game to other languages! The English version is created with English texts and audio recorded in English with a Swahili accent targeting girls and boys in East Africa. The Krio version is targeting girls and boys in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

If you wish to implement the Dilemma game in a new context, please reach out to lulu@lululab.org to learn more about game translation and other opportunities.

Q. Does Lulu Lab only make games?

Lulu Lab co-designs educational games with end-users and partners. We develop our own games and we happily design and develop your games too. We also work as innovation consultants, helping our partners apply human-centered design methods to optimize their products, engage their users and help our partners solve the right problems.